Corsica Verse

La Corse

We cross the straits of Bonifacio
And reach Corsica today
So it´s àlors`,not àlora`
Et il faut parlez Francais

Bonifacio dominates the limestone cliffs
That the sun turns dazzling white
You enter the port through a narrow slit
Then it opens up to the sight

Of a bustling harbour with ships and wharves
And cruising yachts galore
Restaurants and shops compete for space
Standing cheek by jowl round the shore

The old town is inside the ramparts
It´s a stiff climb up to the gate
Aubergine farcie bonafacienne
Is Susie´s favourite plate

A drop in the force of the weterly wind
Is now forecast for tomorrow
So we motor along the south west coast
And anchor at Campomoro

There´s a sheltered,unpretensious beach
A French famil holiday venue
We enjoy the calm of the evening
And Impulsive´s 4 star menu

We briefly expore Propriano
Scogliu Longu´s our target today
The rocks have been sculpted by wind and sea
The books call it Henry Moore bay

The French-Icelanders who told us
Their favourite places to stay
Said Anse dÁrbitro is paradise
It is,in a 3 boat bay

We tear along under sail today
And navigate a track
Through les Bouches de Bonifacio
Once safely through we tack

On port tack up the eastern coast
It´s blowing 30 knots
Is the Porto Novo anchorage
One of Corsica´s windiest spots?

When we leave the wind´s still howling
From south west(the libeccio)
Then suddenly it just drops out
As we near Porto Vecchio

We luxuriate in a berth in here
And walk the old walled town
The two massive dishes of couccouc
Need more rose to wash them down

We detour to Porto Cervo today
Because Dan from BME
Is here for the World Farr 40´s
And he does electricity

One knows toilet talk is not good form
But something must be said
Back in Corse at Solenzara
Of the joys of an unblocked head

We track along the eastern coast
The hills are rough and shear
You can understand why the Resistance
Was so successful here

Bastia is another old Genoese port
It´s colourful buildings stand tall
The town has a lively but seedy feel
Watch out for a masonry fall.

Finis,La Corse,June ´09