Atlantic Crossing - The Skipper´s Oats - verse

The Skipper´s Oats

The skipper asked the Admiral,the Admiral called the first mate
Don´t forget the honey for the skipper´s bowl of oats
The Admiral told the first mate who handsomely saluted
"Right away your Honour,I´ll write it in my notes"

The first mate took his notes and went to see the purser
(Of whom it must be said that there were brighter men afloat)
"It says here that the skipper is anxious for his honey,
Don´t forget the honey for the skipper´s bowl of oats"

The purser shuffled over and looked in the ships stores
"There is no honey for the skipper´s oats
You´d better tell the skipper that treacle will be better
Treacle will be better ´cos it stops a case of bloats"

The first mate muttered,"Help" and went to see the skipper
He fiddled with his forelock and his breast he smote
"There is no honey,but treacle might be better
Treacle´s thought superior by officers of note"

The skipper looked unhappy and turned to the Admiral
He said some stern words including reference to "demotes"
"Nobody,he said could call me unreasonable
I only want a little bit of honey for my oats"

The first mate blanched and sprinted to the purser
Everyone on board knew what that skipper´s look connotes
The purser said quickly,"I´ve just found some honey
Here´s bacon for his fried eggs and honey for his oats"

The first mate said,"You bewdy" and ran to the skipper
The skipper said,"Honey,eh" and danced about the boat
"Nobody", he said as he kissed the Admiral
"Nobody in all the many years I´ve been afloat
Nobody once has said that I´m unreasonable
But I do like a little bit of honey for my oats"

3 Feb 2011