15 . 5 . 2013

Landing back in Tahiti out of Melbourne's cold winter is lovely. It is wonderful to always be warm, to enjoy the French Polynesian atmosphere, and all the beautiful colours of the sea and the tropical plants and flowers.
We have had a wonderful nine months at home with our family and friends and are now looking forward to the last leg of our trip.

Flying here we gain a day and so make the most of our time relaxing in Tahiti. We had planned to visit the Paul Gaugin gallery but unfortunately it is closed for renovations.


The 35 minute flight to Raiatea gives us spectacular views  over Moorea and waters we sailed over last year. We are excited to be seeing Impulsive again and hope everything is in order.
Cathy has cared for Impulsive amazingly well. Apparently this rainy season has had the highest rainfall since 1937 so is a great effort of Cathy's that there is no mould or mildew on the boat. Her interior is fresh and spotlessly clean.

However we cannot believe that the mechanic here has had 9 months to fit the new propeller and has left it until 2 weeks before we return, only to find it doesn't fit on the shaft on the boat. Ross orders another one but this can take 2-3 weeks to get here including getting through customs at Papeete. Fortunately the mechanic here discovers the problem with the way the old prop was fitted and can alter it so we can leave as planned.

Staying at Raiatea Lodge Hotel is very relaxing. It has the advantage of being close to the yards where the boat is and has an idyllic setting by the sea. Swimming, walking and bike riding are available all of which we enjoy after working on the boat. The french cuisine here is delicious.

Raiatea Lodge