Virgin Islands Cruising

Virgin Islands Cruising - Verse

The Virgin islands are where you relax
With anchorages closely spaced
But don`t expect to be there alone
It`s where charter sailing is based

We anchor off at Spanish Town
Then sail to Gorda Sound
Where we find a mooring at Bitter End
(The "Moor Seacure" moorings abound)

The big seas forecast don`t arrive
So we sail up to Anegarda
We snorkel,eat lobster and look for flamingoes
Next time we`ll have to look harder

We swim in to the Baths through some foaming surf
And walk to Devil`s Bay
Then meander across Drake`s Passage
To moor at Marina Cay

St Peters offers a lavish resort
But with fancy prices to pay
So we spend the night at anchor for free
In the cosy neighbouring bay

We trickle across to Soper`s wharf
To another mooring there
The buildings are colourful pastels here
The mauve one showed most flair

Around the point at Cane Gardens
Mark and Karen(and Marty and Susan) are on Escapade
They invite us for prawns on the barbeque
Of such nights is the cruising life made

We join them at little Jos Van Dyke
Mooring metres away from the reef
Have a walk and a swim at "The Bubbles"
(As if you need stress relief)

Next day we have customs issues
At Jos Van Dyke then St John
Where the visa waiver program
Proves not worth relying upon

But we spend the night at Francis Bay
(Paella with Karen and Mark)
Our final night is at Lamshure Bay
Again mooring in the Marine park

So,you must come to the Virgin Islands
Before ending your cruising days
You`ll perfect the art of not moving far
And then you must learn to laze.

April 2011.