We plan to come home via Copenhagen which involves a stop in London. The idea is to arrive during the weekend to visit Scott and Jeanette and the girls because they are all busy during the week, so we have a brief visit to the Cotswolds, staying at the Lamb´s Inn at Burford. The lush green fields here are a marked contrast to Spain.

Main street, Burford

We enjoy several walks suggested in the pub-walks book of the area. We walk from Windrush via Greater and Little Barrington, including lunch by the river at the Fox Inn. Later we drive to Stow-on-the-Wold, Moreton-in-Marsh, Burton- on- the-Water and chipping Campden, via Butons-on-the-Hill and Dene´s Mill gardens. It is very convenient all these places are so close to each other.

Pub walk from WindrushLittle Barrington

Another walk is from Bibury towards John St. Armods along the river.

The mill at Stow-on-the-Wold


Burton on the hill

Burton-on-the-Hill Garden

Dene´s Mill Garden

Brass Rubbing at Chipping Camden

The Soundys ´were unable to join us on Impulsive as planned last year, and then this year , so we enjoy an overnight visit at their beautiful property near Hook. We have lunch at the nearby pub, The Leather Bottle Inn, followed by a pleasant walk around their farm. Jill´s home cooked dinner is delicious and such a treat after our recent traveling.

Andrew Soundy


As always we have a wonderful time staying with Scott, Jeanette, Augusta and Lily in Copenhagen, and sharing something of their life-style here. This includes a lovely lunch at Jeanette´s parents home.

Lunch at Jeanette´s parents

Lily riding

Fun in the park with Augusta

Fun with Farfar

These few days are a lovely finale to our time away and now we are looking forward to being home again until further adventures next year.

Lachie, Scott and Ross