10th. - 13th. September

This is an excellent marina. It is very attractive with wide spaces of lawns, welcoming and helpful people and good facilities. There is a bus service available into town which takes 25 minutes, and the local supermarket provides a pick up service.
We  meet very interesting people here, including a previous owner of a Buizen 48 ( same as our boat); a colleague of Bruce Buckley who helps with the weather forecasts etc.; and meet up with Heide and Eric from Germany again who we last saw at Tanna Island and the volcano. (Heide and Eric "lost" their last boat in the tsunami in Japan which was very traumatic for them).
Depending on the weather we think we will be here for 2 nights and maybe the jobs to have done on Impulsive will only take 2-3 hours. To our dismay it is more likely to be 3 days! One issue is Impulsive has to be slipped out of the water because the handle of the sea cock in the through hull fitting for the water inlet to the engine has sheared off in the closed position so we can't use the engine.

Impulsive being put back in the water

Bruce is back from holidays and advises we should leave by late afternoon ( Friday), so this is our aim so we can track further N before the N and NE winds come in strongly against us.

We leave Friday 13th. 2013 (what a date) to motor sail for two days and nights and anchor at Stingray Bay on the south side of Goldsmith Island, ahead of the forecast high n. winds against us. This is a delightful anchorage and a very calm night.

Monday 16th. September
We finally come in to berth at Hamilton Island. Impulsive can enjoy a well earned rest until Steve and Megs and the children arrive next Saturday. We work to have the boat ship-shape again.
Ross and I feel happy and relaxed and enjoy a few days staying ashore here for a treat.

Saturday 21st. September
We are up early to make final plans for Steve and Megs, Georgie, Sam and Sophie's arrival this morning. It is very exciting meeting them at the airport.
We have 8 wonderful days with them all enjoying many activities, and dining and wining.
Highlights include:
Outings on the yacht and lunch
2 days of fishing with friends of Steve's on their fishing boat and at their special fishing spots
 A trip out to the Barrier reef

Fishing trip

Megs hooks a "BIG" one

Georgie catches 2 at once


Chance bay 




Steve preparing for a backwards dive



Ross- double catch

Steve takes the prize

Sam- what a beauty

A small cove near Chance bay


Steve and Sam


Trip out to the reef

Heart Island

Whitehaven Beach


Cart on Hamilton Island

A cuddly koala

Sophie with the koala

At the yacht club

This has been a wonderful family holiday to complete our trip. We are looking forward to spending more happy times on Impulsive.