George lends us his 4WD and we all pile in together to tour this very small island. We drive high up to the now desolate old town and the monastery. This road is quite precarious and passes by barren country still with its ancient walls and terracing to mark off the now unused land plots that were for animals and crops. This island used to have a large population for copper processing.

Podanos beach is perfect for children, shallow and sandy (which is rare here - they are usually pebble beaches). The well shaded beach side taverna is most attractive and, like all these islands, has rows of colourful oleanders.

We return to Georges taverna for dinner. His hospitality is almost overwhelming.

The herbs for herb tea are picked on the island high up in the mountains. We buy some honey which has been produced on the island. It is made from thyme leaves and so has an unusual but delicious flavour.

Ross and I up anchor at 5am to get the young family back to Rhodes in time for their flight home via Athens. Anna and Lucinda sleep through until 7.45am.

We pass by the fish farms on the s.east tip of Tilos and then n.east by Rhodes Island coast to old Rhodes harbour. We are very fortunate to be given another berth here, as there are 15 extra boats here for a rally. When we see how narrow the space is we are expected to fit into, stern - to, we don't believe it is possible. We have to make it work as it is the only available space. We appreciate Paul's extra help as it is very difficult. Heather is busy inside with the children.

Well, our very special time with Heather and Scott and their families is over. We are so lucky to have had such wonderful weather and conditions while they were with us. We will always remember this time as a highlight of our trip.


1. Ross' porridge with the local Halki honey.
2. Fresh warm croissants from the Marina Mini Market with Robbies (boat) made jam
3. Fresh fruit (the local stone fruit is at its best now), muesli and yogurt.