Lily in Rhodes

Anna and Augusta


MONDAY, 16 JUNE 2008

Kostos, the marine engineer, kindly comes early this morning to plan repairing the engine on the yacht tomorrow morning. We are anxious to have her ready to sail by Thursday as planned with Heather and Paul and their children for 6 days, and to take Scott out before that.

Ross and I are thrilled that all the children enjoy the boat so much. They come and visit us on her during these few days and have great fun exploring all her nooks and crannies. We have several pleasant lunches on board.
Augusta and Lily on Impulsive

Anna and Lucinda on Impulsive

We all enjoy the old town built by the Knights. Walking down their cobblestone avenue where they used to live, passed the fa├žade of large stone blocks, lovely old doorways and arched windows makes us wonder what their life must have been like in 200BC when it was built.
In the Old Town

Another day Ross hires a nine-seater vehicle for us. Sadly, he can’t come with us as he needs to be on Impulsive while she is tended to. I got very lost driving to pick-up the rest of the family but did see more of Rhodes. We all set off to Lindos for the day. The trip there in one large car together was fun in itself in the safe hands of Paul’s expert driving. Lachie, Anna and Augusta surprise us with their enthusiasm to climb up to the Acropolis, especially as it is very hot. They are thrilled to have a donkey ride back down the hill. The views are stunning over the bays and the white-washed houses built for the admirals with their courtyard gardens filled with bougainvillea and hibiscus. The alleyways are very narrow and no cars are allowed in the main part of the village, but there is a lot of donkey traffic.

At the Acropolis (Lindos)

Donkey trek for the children
In the meantime, Scott and Jeanette have been entertaining Lily and Lucinda with swims and an early lunch. We all have lunch in a taverna by the beach, followed by a swim in the clearest water I have seen.

At the end of the day, driving back to pick Ross up I got seriously lost, getting caught up in one-way streets and alleyways. At one stage I had to fold in the rear vision mirrors to fit through with this large car. It was nerve racking but, again, I saw more of Rhodes.


Impulsive is ready. It has been well worth all Ross’ patience and being prepared to wait for people.

This morning Heather helps me with Augusta and Lily so Scott and Jeanette can have a decent sail. (The girls are only allowed on the yacht while she is moored.) They come in to anchor at the resort where we have a swap of crew.
Scott diving off Impulsive
Scott and Jeanette, Augusta and Lily in the dinghy
Heather, Paul and the children sail back to old Rhodes harbour. The skipper thinks this is a sensible length of time to see if the children can handle it. And they do with flying colours! Lachie learning to tie knots
We have lots of fun at our final dinner together in the old town. We all enjoyed our time in Rhodes so much. It is a bustling town with so much atmosphere, much history and many tavernas to choose from. Everyone is very welcoming here, especially to Australian children.